About Red

  • Both Red and Red/System are published under the BSD license. The runtime is published under the BSL license.
  • Red is a programming language that fits in a single executable file with about 1MB. No install, no setup.
  • Red is free and open-source.
  • Red is interpreted, but can compile you code and generate single standalone executables.
  • Red does some compiling before interpreting, and so turns out to be quite fast.
  • Red is simple. Its code is clean and has no bloat at all.
  • Red is under development (alpha) as of october 2018, but aims at:
    • being multi-plataform;
    • having cross-platform native GUI system, with a UI dialect and a drawing (graphics) dialect;
    • being a full-stack programming language, that is, from very low to very high level.
  • Red is the open-source evolution of Rebol. If you want to try some of the features that are not yet available in Red, you should download Rebol and try it. However, Red is the future.
  • Red is being developed by a group of people led by Nenad Rakocevic.
  • Recently, Red raised substantial funds from an ICO and  a Red Foundation was set up in Paris, France, so it's here to stay.

A taste of Red:

Red [needs: view]

view [

   f1: field "First name"

   f2: field "Last name"

   button "Greet Me!" [

       t1/text: rejoin ["Have a very nice day " f1/text " " f2/text "!"]



   t1: text "" 200


If I got you interested, you should really take a look at Short Red Examples, by Nick Antonaccio.

About this work:

This is an evolution of the Red Language Notebook.
I chose to use HelpNDoc software to develop a more friendly and useful interface.


  • I use Windows, so this work is based on this Operating System.
  • I'm not an experienced or even a good Red programmer, in fact, I'm not a programmer at all.
  • English is not my native language.
  • This isn't a complete reference for the Red language (yet?).
  • I did not use the best coding style in many examples. Please, take a look at Red's coding style guide.
  • I try to make my work original, but some text was copied and pasted from Red's official documentation and I based some examples on what I found at:

Also, a lot of help came from the Red community at Thank You all!!!

  • If you can't find something on the existing Red Documents, there is always

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